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(October 15, 2017)





For the more certain preservation and security of our faith, and to the end that this body may be governed in an orderly manner consistent with the teachings of the Word of God, and for the purpose of preserving the freedom of Christ possessed by each individual member of the body of Christ and the freedom of this body with respect to it’s relationship to other organizations of like faith, and to provide a place or places of worshiping God for people submitting fully to the authority of Jesus Christ to assemble for preaching and teaching and of the Gospel as outlined and authorized in the New Testament, we do declare and establish this Constitution.


It is understood that the By-Laws herein shall contain the intent of the Articles of Incorporation and such supplemental amendments necessary to clarify the matters of expedience which are in accord with the New Testament though not specifically stated in it.



This body shall be known as Gleneden Beach Christian Church (originally titled Gleneden Community Church).



This body shall adhere to the Scriptures as its only rule of faith and practice, exercising Christian love in matters of opinion where no command or pattern is given.



As members of this body:

We have no creed but Christ, we have no book but the Bible.


We seek to be part of Christ’s church alone and to which He alone adds up as members (Matthew 16:18 and Acts 2:47).  We desire to wear no name but His divinely given Name recorded in Acts 11:26 and we recognize no Head but Christ whose pre-eminence in all things is declared in Ephesians 1:20-23 and Colossians 1: 13-18.  We desire to make all things according to the pattern (Hebrews 8) of the New Testament Church following the example of practice given Acts 2:42 and the ministry given in Ephesians 4.


We count as brothers and sisters in Christ all those who have responded by faith to the saving Grace of God according to the beautiful simplicity revealed in John 1:12, Acts 2:38, Romans 12:1-4.


We seek the unity in the Spirit of Christ of His blood purchased Church after the desire of His prayer in John 17 and Ephesians 4:1-6 and Matthew 28:18-20 to penetrate the world witnessing of Him who is “the Way the Truth and the Life.”  And apart from whom “no man cometh unto the Father.” (John 14:6).


Section 1.

The government of this church is vested in the body of believers who comprise it.  It shall be subject to the control of no other ecclesiastical body.  The name of Christian Church does not imply affiliation with or endorsement of the practices and teaching of other congregations bearing a similar name.


Section 2.

The ownership of all real estate by this congregation shall never be transferred or conveyed to any individual or organization outside of the autonomy of the local congregation so long as that real estate is used by this congregation.


No change shall be made in the Constitution proper except by a two thirds affirmative vote of all the active members of the church (Definitions appear in By-Laws Article 1)eligible to vote with the proposed change having been laid before the membership in writing via First Class Mail not less than one (1) month prior to the time of the proposed action and read from the pulpit during the regular morning worship service on the two (2) Lord’s Day’s preceding a special business meeting called for that purpose.





Section 1.     Qualifications

The membership of this congregation shall consist of any individual who confesses publicly to believe Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the living God and who accepts Him as his/her personal Lord and who obediently has been buried with his/her Lord in Christian baptism (immersion) as described in the Scriptures: or s/he who having made these responses in another locality, indicates by personal statement or letter of transfer his/her desire for membership in the local body.


In addition, the membership of this Church shall be composed of individuals who affirm the tenets of the Church Constitution, the church membership agreement outlined in Art. VIII of the Church By-Laws, and who offer evidence, by their confession and their conduct, that they are living in accord with their affirmations and this Constitution and Bylaws, and are actively pursuing and continuing in a vital fellowship with the Lord, Jesus Christ. The Elders in cooperation with the Board of this Church shall have final authority in all matters of church governance, as set forth and described in the By-laws.


Section 2.    Duties

Members are expected to be faithful to the responsibilities essential to the Christian life, to fellowship regularly in the worship services of the Congregation, and to regularly support its work and progress.     


Section 3.    Rights

Active members sixteen (16) years of age or older may vote in any congregational business.  Only active members may hold office in the congregation.  Any member who misses thirteen (13) consecutive weeks of the regular services or who no longer resides in this area, shall be removed from active to inactive membership status.  Exceptions shall be made of a member



on duty with the armed services or a member suffering prolonged confinement due to physical incapacity. 


Through scriptural misconduct an individual may be removed from the membership upon the recommendation of the Elders to the Church Board and following a majority vote of the congregation, following the guidelines given in Matthew 18:15-17 (see Membership Agreement, Art VIII sec. 4).



Section 1.    Elders

A.   Qualifications

Qualifications for the office of Elder are given through the inspiration of the Spirit of God and are found recorded in the Scriptures, 1Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:6-9.


B.   Duties

The Elders shall fulfill their calling as set forth in the New Testament Scriptures.  They shall make a sincere effort to live according to the requirements given in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:6-9. 


They shall be responsible for the general superintendence of the spiritual welfare of the church (1 Peter 5:2) the work of teaching, both publicly and privately (1 Thess. 5:12, Titus 1:9 and 1 Tim. 5:17), visitation of the sick (James 5:14), and encourage by example and by word hospitality in receiving others as circumstances require (1 Tim 3:2 and Titus 1:8). 


They shall be faithful in the life of the church, including missionary and evangelistic efforts, and stewardship.  The Elders shall oversee the ordinance of the Lord’s Supper and shall strive to uphold the preaching of God’s word in its fullness.


C.   Number

No set number shall be chosen.


D.   Election

A man may be nominated by submission of his name through the nominating committee to the existing Eldership who shall examine the life and character of the nominee and secure his stated willingness to serve in such an office. 


If the nominee is deemed eligible for office, he may be elected by a two thirds vote of approval of a congregational quorum, at a duly called meeting.  In the event there is no existing Eldership the Church Board shall assume the task of scriptural examination.


E. Term of Service

Term of service for Elders will be 3 years with a 1-year probationary period for a total of 4 years.


F.   Senior Pastor

The person chosen as Senior Pastor by the congregation shall be considered as an Elder of the congregation.  He shall be chosen by the total Eldership plus a seventy-five (75) per cent vote of approval by the congregational quorum. 

As an Elder, he shall be considered to hold a continuous service unless removed by the same reasons which shall terminate the office of any Elder, or by a majority vote of the congregation upon the recommendation of the Eldership. 


Termination of the Senior Pastor’s duties by his decision or that of the congregation shall be with sixty (60) days notice in writing unless otherwise mutually agreed upon in advance.  The Elders are responsible for providing any need of pulpit supply.


1.   Administration

Upon the approval of the Elders and Church Board, the Senior Pastor shall appoint and oversee all ministries of the church.


2.   See Church Policy Manual (Pastor’s Job Description) for additional pastoral duties.


Section 2.    Deacons and Deaconesses

 A.   Qualifications

Qualifications for the office of Deacon are recorded in Acts 6:1-7 and 1 Timothy 3:8-13.  The same standard of spiritual quality shall be applied to the selection of Deaconesses.  The word deacon in Scripture is not a title but describes persons spiritually prepared, available, and willing as servants in the body of Christ.


B.   Duties

Deacons and Deaconesses shall make a sincere effort to live the qualifications named above.  They shall oversee the serving ministries of the congregation.  They shall give attention and assistance to those areas which would aid the Elders and Pastor in the fulfilling of their calling.


C.   Number

No set number shall be chosen.


D.   Election

The procedure shall be the same as for an Elder.


E.  Term of Service

Terms of service for Deacons and Deaconesses will be 3 years with a 1 year

probationary period for a total of 4 years.



Section 1.    The Chair

The Chair shall preside over all congregational, church board and special meetings. 


Section 2.    The Vice-Chair

The Vice- Chair shall assist the Chair, assuming all duties in the Chair’s absence.  In the event of a permanent vacancy in the office of Chair, s/he will serve as Chair until the congregation selects an individual to fulfill the unexpired term.


Section 3.    The Clerk (Secretary)

The Clerk of the congregation shall keep complete permanent records of all business transacted in regular or special meetings of the congregation.  The Clerk shall carry out correspondence as directed by the Chair and shall maintain a registry of the membership of the congregation.


Section 4.    The Treasurer 

The Treasurer shall receive all funds given to and through the church.  S/he shall oversee the deposit of all funds in a bank designated by the church and ensure the keeping of accurate accounts. 


The Treasurer shall pay accounts authorized in business meetings or approved by the congregation through approval of the annual budget which is presented at the beginning of the fiscal year. 


S/he shall render an accurate account of all funds entrusted to the care of the Treasurer at each regular business meeting.  An annual review of all accounts shall be conducted after the close of each fiscal year and the results submitted at a regular business meeting.

A.   Refer to Church Policy Manual (Church Treasurer) for further clarification of Treasurer responsibilities.


Section 5.    The Deputy Treasurer

The Deputy Treasurer shall assist the Treasurer, assuming all duties in the Treasurer’s absence.  In the event of a permanent vacancy in the office of Treasurer, s/he will serve as Treasurer until the congregation selects an individual to fulfill the unexpired term.


Section 6.    Trustees

A.       The Trustees are the legal agents with authority to act in accord with the laws of the State of Oregon/Federal Government when directed by the congregation. 


They shall be the guardians of all legal documents belonging to the church and shall keep such documents in a fire proof vault.  The trustees are not liable for any actions, indebtedness, etc. when acting as the legal agents of the congregation.


B.       The Trustees shall consist of the Chair of the Congregation, the Treasurer, and the Church Clerk.  In the event that two of the elected trustees are in the same family, the board will appoint one of its other members as a trustee until such time when two of the three usual trustees are not members of the same family so as to prevent conflicts of interest.


Section 7. Terms of Service for Congregational Officers

Terms of service for Congregational Officers will be 3 years with a 1-year probationary period for a total of 4 years.



Section 1.    Place.

The annual election of the church shall take place at the regular place of worship as shall all other elections pertaining to the life and work of the church, unless hindered by some unforeseen catastrophe which shall render this impossible.

Section 2.    Time.

The annual election of the church officers shall occur upon the third Sunday of January each year.  Newly elected officers shall begin their term of service on the first Sunday of March each year.


Section 3.    Personnel 

The annual election shall include in addition to Elders, Deacons and Deaconesses the following officers: Chair and Vice Chair of the congregation, the Clerk, the Treasurer and Deputy Treasurer, and any other recognized and needed functionary. 


Section 4.    Nominations

The Chair of the congregation shall appoint the Nominating Committee before October 15th.  The committee shall solicit and receive nominations from the congregation through the third Sunday of November. 


The committee will compile a list of nominees to be approved by the Elders.  The approved nominees will be contacted by the Committee.  A completed list of nominees shall be posted and absentee ballots shall be available two Sundays prior to the annual election.


Section 5.    Majority

A person shall be chosen to serve in office upon a simple majority of the ballots cast at the regular election, with the exception of the Elders, Deacons and Deaconesses who shall require a two-thirds majority of ballots cast.


Section 6.    Voting

Voting shall be done by secret ballot in the annual election.  Absentee Ballots are to be available for the annual election and for other major decisions of the congregation two (2) Sundays prior to the congregational meeting.


The Absentee Ballots shall provide as complete information as possible including instructions on handling the ballot after voting and must be filed in a sealed envelope with the Church Clerk prior to the date of the meeting.  Tabulation will be made by a counting board appointed by the Chair with the authority to reject improperly marked ballots.


Section 7.    Special Elections

Special Elections (elections other than the regularly scheduled annual election) may be required due to resignation or removal from office.  Special Elections may be called only by a majority vote of a congregational business meeting.


Section 8.    Budget Elections

The fiscal year of the congregation is from January 1st to December 31st.  In December, the Church Board shall propose a budget for the new fiscal year which will be reviewed and brought to a vote at the first congregational business meeting of the new year.



Section 1.    Participation

Participation in congregational business meetings is open to all active members of the congregation.


Section 2.     Meetings

A.   Rules of Order

All meetings shall be conducted in a manner consistent with the spirit and instruction of the Scriptures.  A copy of Robert’s Rules of Order is to be provided the Chair by the congregation as a guideline in procedure.

B.   Frequency

Monthly board meetings and quarterly congregational business meetings shall occur on a regular basis.


C.   Special Meetings

A Special meeting is a non-scheduled meeting of the Church Board, or Congregation.  Special meetings may be called as needed by the Chair with the agreement of, or at the request of the Elders or Board members.  Announcement of special meetings shall be during the Sunday Morning Service.


Section 3.   Quorums

A.   Congregational Business Meetings

A quorum shall consist of those in attendance at a duly called meeting and shall include at least fifty (50) percent of the Eldership.


B.    Elections

A quorum shall consist of twenty five (25) percent of the Active membership.


C.    Selection of a Minister and Purchase or Disposal of Real Estate

A Quorum shall consist of fifty (50) percent of the Active Membership.


Section 4.   Responsibilities of Church Board Meetings

A. Care for and transact the business of the church.


B. Recommend to the entire congregation decisions in the life of the church deemed to be for the total benefit.


C. Arrange for the activities and well-being of the congregation, subjecting all matters to the Word of God in the spirit of Christian love and under the guidance of the Elders of the Church.


D. Upon approval by the Elders, recommend appointments as deemed necessary, including Congregational Officers to fulfill unexpired terms vacated.


Section 5.   Responsibilities of Congregational Business Meetings

A. Receive and approve reports from the ministry leaders of the church.


B. Address any concerns or questions members have re: the ministry of the church.


C. Receive suggestions members may have to improve the quality of ministry in the church.


D. Conduct annual elections as needed for Church Officers.

E. Vote on major decisions in the life of the body, any constitutional changes, or major church policy changes, including the approval, or dismissal of Senior Pastor, sale or purchase of church property, facility upgrades etc.


Section 6.  Responsibilities of Special Board/Congregational meetings.

A.  To address any urgent concern of the church body that cannot wait for a regularly scheduled board or congregational business meeting.


Church ministries are to provide a means whereby orderly, effective work and planning may be accomplished in the life of the church.  All ministries shall be conducted under the guidelines set forth in the Gleneden Beach Christian Church Constitution and By-Laws and the Church Policy Manual.


At Gleneden Beach Christian, we choose to:

     -Seek out lost people because they

      matter to God.

     -Apply biblical truth to daily life.

     -Provide help and healing for the hurting.

     -Pursue full devotion to Christ through

      spiritual disciplines.

     -Celebrate God’s presence through

      worship, both private and corporate.

     -Build healthy relationships through

      small group interaction.

      -Reach out to the community with the

       Good News of Jesus Christ.

      -Be unified in the essentials

      -Love in all things



We believe that to carry on the religious mission of the church, to preserve the function and integrity of the church as the local Body of Christ, and to provide a biblical role model to the church members and the community, it is imperative that all persons who associate with the church as members should abide by, agree with, and conduct themselves in accordance with the Membership statement as outlined in Art. I sec. 1 of the Church By-Laws as well as the following statements:


Section 1.                                          STATEMENT OF FAITH

The Word of God. We believe the scriptures of the Old and New Testaments are the inspired Word of God, inerrant in the original writings, complete as a revelation of God's will for salvation, and the supreme and final authority in faith and life. (2 Tim. 3:16-172 Pet 1:19-21)


The Trinity. We believe in one God, eternally existing in three persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Each person is fully God, sharing the same nature and attributes. (Gen. 1:26Deut. 6:4Mt 3:16-1728:19)

God the Father. We believe in God the Father, an infinite, personal Spirit, perfect in holiness, wisdom, power, and love. We believe He concerns Himself mercifully in affairs of men, hears and answers prayers, and saves from sin and death all who come to Him through  faith in Jesus Christ. (Jn. 16:23-27Gal 4:4-6Eph. 1:317-23)


God the Son. We believe that Jesus Christ is God's eternal Son. He is true God and true man, conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of the virgin Mary. We also believe in His sinless life, His substitutionary atonement, His bodily resurrection from the dead, His ascension into heaven, His priestly intercession in behalf of His people, and His personal, visible return from heaven.

(Mt. 1:18-23Lk. 24:1-8Jn. 1:114Acts 1:112 Cor. 5:19-21Heb. 4:14-167:24-251 Jn. 2:1; Rev 19, 20)


God the Holy Spirit. We believe the Holy Spirit is a person and is fully God. He regenerates, baptizes into the body of Christ, indwells every believer, guides and empowers believers, and gives gifts to all believers to be used in ministry so that the church fulfills its mission on earth. (Mt. 28:19Jn. 3:516:13Acts 1:8 ;5:3-4; 1 Cor. 6:11,1912:4-13Eph. 3:164:1-16)


Man. We believe God created man, male and female, in the image of God and free from sin. We further believe that man, because of his fall in Adam, is a sinner by nature and choice and is therefore spiritually dead, in need of salvation. (Gen. 1:26-272:7-3:19Rom. 3:235:12-216:23)


Salvation. We believe in salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ. We further believe that this salvation is based upon the sovereign grace of God, was purchased by Christ on the cross, and is received by man through faith, apart from any human merit, works, or ritual. Salvation results in righteous living, good works, and proper social concern. (Jn. 1:123:3-75:24Eph. 2:8-101 Tim. 2:5)


Church. We believe that the church is the spiritual body of which Christ is the head. The true church is composed of all persons who through saving faith in Jesus Christ have been regenerated by the Holy Spirit. This body expresses itself in local assemblies whose members have been baptized upon a credible confession of faith and have associated themselves for worship, instruction, evangelism, and service. We believe the ordinances of the local church are baptism and the Lord's Supper.  We also believe in the interdependence of local churches and the mutual submission of believers to each other in love. (Mt. 28:18-20Acts 1:82:41-47Eph. 5:21Col. 1:18;Heb. 10:24-25)


Separation of Church and State. We believe that each local church is self-governing in function and must be free from interference by any external (outside of the church) or political authority. We further believe that every human being is directly responsible to God in matters of faith and life, and that each should be free to worship God according to the dictates of his conscience. (Mt. 22:21Rom. 13:11 Tim. 2:1-6)


Christian Conduct. We believe that the supreme task of every believer is to glorify God in his life. The believer should live blamelessly before the world, be a faithful steward of his possessions, and seek to obtain for himself the full stature of maturity in Christ. (1 Cor. 10:31Col. 1:281 Tim. 6:6-91 Pet. 1:14-15)


Last Things. We believe in the bodily resurrection of the saved and lost, the eternal conscious existence of all men either in heaven or hell, and in divine judgments, rewards, and punishments. (Jn. 5:291 Cor. 3:11-1515:51-582 Cor. 5:6-101 Thes. 4:13-18; 2 Jn. 8; Revelation 19, 20)


___________      I concur with Gleneden Beach Christian Church’s Membership Statement

      (Int.)            (Art. I sec. 1 of the By-Laws), and the Statement of Faith as stated above.




We believe that God wonderfully and immutably creates each person as male or female. These two distinct, complementary genders together reflect the image and nature of God. (Gen 1:26-27.) Rejection of one’s biological sex is a rejection of the image of God within that person.


We believe that the term “marriage” has only one meaning: the uniting of one man and one woman in a single, exclusive union, as delineated in Scripture. (Gen 2:18-25.) We believe that God intends sexual intimacy to occur only between a man and a woman who are married to each other. (1 Cor 6:18; 7:2-5; Heb 13:4.) We believe that God has commanded that no intimate sexual activity be engaged in outside of a marriage between a man and a woman.


We believe that any form of sexual immorality (including adultery, fornication, homosexual behavior, bisexual conduct, bestiality, incest, and use of pornography) is sinful and offensive to God. (Matt 15:18-20; 1 Cor 6:9-10.)


We believe that in order to preserve the function and integrity of Gleneden Beach Christian Church as the local Body of Christ, and to provide a biblical role model to the Gleneden Beach Christian Church members and the community, it is imperative that all persons employed by Gleneden Beach Christian Church in any capacity, or who serve as volunteers, agree to and abide by this Statement on Marriage, Gender, and Sexuality. (Matt 5:16; Phil 2:14-16; 1 Thess 5:22.)


We believe that God offers redemption and restoration to all who confess and forsake their sin, seeking His mercy and forgiveness through Jesus Christ. (Acts 3:19-21; Rom 10:9-10; 1 Cor 6:9-11.)

We believe that every person must be afforded compassion, love, kindness, respect, and dignity. (Mark 12:28-31; Luke 6:31.) Hateful and harassing behavior or attitudes directed toward any individual are to be repudiated and are not in accord with Scripture nor the doctrines of Gleneden Beach Christian Church.


___________C.  I concur with Gleneden Beach Christian Church’s Statement on

       (initial)          Marriage, Gender, and Sexuality 

Section 4.                                    STATEMENT ON CHURCH DISCIPLINE

The threefold purpose of church discipline is to glorify God by maintaining purity in the local church (1 Cor 5:6), to edify believers by deterring sin and promoting purity (1 Tim 5:20), and to promote the spiritual welfare of the offending believer by calling him or her to return to a biblical standard of doctrine and conduct (Gal 6:1).


The Lord Jesus Christ has entrusted the local church with the authority and responsibility to discipline members for flagrant sin or serious doctrinal error, with the goal of the restoration of the offender. This discipline is entrusted to the Elders in cooperation with the Church Board and is to follow the biblical pattern as set forth in Matthew 18:15-20; 1 Corinthians 5; 2 Corinthians 2:7-8; Galatians 6:1; 2 Thessalonians 3:6; Titus 3:10-11; and 2 John 7-11. Any member of this church who practices or affirms a doctrine or conduct that, in the judgment of the Elders in cooperation with the Church Board, is opposed to the teaching of the Word of God, or is threatening to the testimony of this church, or is divisive to the body, shall be subject to church discipline.


Discipline will follow the said biblical pattern, and is an effort to bring the individual to repentance and protect the church from unrepentant sin. Discipline may involve exclusion from participation in ministry and communion, as well as dismissal from the fellowship of this church. An individual may be disciplined by the Elders in cooperation with the Church Board short of dismissal from the fellowship, as they deem appropriate for the specific circumstance (for example, an individual may remain in certain circumstances a member of this church but be denied the privilege of serving in a particular ministry). The Elders in cooperation with the Church Board, as is required by Scripture, may report to the congregation the names of those who may lose membership by reason of church discipline, and the reason for that discipline, as described in Matthew 18:15-20.  In matters of expulsion refer to Art. I sec.3.


The members of this church further knowingly and voluntarily agree that a member cannot voluntarily withdraw or resign his or her membership during the discipline process, and may only voluntarily withdraw or resign his or her membership if they are not the subject of a discipline proceeding at the time or only after a disciplinary process, of which they are the subject, has been concluded as determined by the Elders in cooperation with the Church Board.


___________D. I concur with Gleneden Beach Christian Church’s Statement on

       (initial)          Church Discipline 



Section 5.                                      STATEMENT ON MEDIATION

Members of the church agree to submit any legal dispute with the church for mediation before a mutually agreed-upon mediator, or if none can be agreed upon, one selected by Peacemaker Ministries. Lawsuits between believers, or threats of lawsuits between believers, are a matter of grave concern for the church, are contrary to biblical and church teaching, and mediation is an effort to resolve disputes in a biblical fashion. (1 Cor 6: 1-7.)


Mediation will be governed by the Rules of Procedure for Christian Conciliation of the Institute for Christian Conciliation (ICC Rules), unless modified as stipulated by the parties. (Visit: http://www. to access the ICC Rules.) In particular, subject to the more detailed provisions of the ICC Rules, mediator(s) will attempt to assist us in reaching a voluntary settlement of any disputes through mediation.  The confidentiality of the mediation process will be protected and these matters will not be discussed with people who do not have a necessary interest in them. If settlement can be agreed upon, the conciliators may, at their discretion, issue an advisory opinion. Neither the opinion, nor any communications exchanged in the mediation process, will be admissible for any purpose in any subsequent legal proceeding.


________E.  I concur with Gleneden Beach Christian Church’s Statement on Mediation



Section 6.                           STATEMENT ON THE SANCTITY OF HUMAN LIFE

We believe that all human life is sacred and created by God in His image. Human life is of inestimable worth in all its dimensions, including pre-born babies, the aged, the physically or mentally challenged, and every other stage or condition from conception through natural death. We are therefore called to defend, protect, and value all human life. (Ps 139.)


________F. I concur with Gleneden Beach Christian Church’s Statement on Life




The statement of faith does not exhaust the extent of our beliefs. The Bible itself, as the inspired and infallible Word of God that speaks with final authority concerning truth, morality, and the proper conduct of mankind, is the sole and final source of all that we believe. For purposes of Gleneden Beach Christian Church’s faith, doctrine, practice, policy, and discipline, our Senior Pastor is Gleneden Beach Christian Church’s final interpretive authority on the Bible’s meaning and application.


 ________G.  I concur with Gleneden Beach Christian Church’s Statement of Final Authority

    (initial)        on Matters of Faith and Conduct


I have reviewed the statements above as indicated by my initials before each of them, and agree to be governed by all the provisions herein.




Name (Printed)



___________________________________________     ______________________________

Signature                                                                                                    Date 





These By-Laws may be amended at any regular or special meeting of the congregation which has been duly convened in accordance with these By-Laws by a two thirds vote of the eligible active members present provided that such an amendment shall be fully set forth in the notice for such a meeting; and provided that announcement of the proposed amendment be made in the Morning Services on the two (2) Sundays prior to the meeting at which the amendment is to be considered.

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